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Building Aesthetics

The innovative idea of “No Outdoor” unit provides a solution for the most complex installations. Italian designed, with building aesthetics in mind, the unit can be simply installed by drilling two ventilation holes in any wall thickness and even glass and then hung like a picture. This ensures continuity of all architectural
features and designs on exterior walls.
Low Noise Indoor Unit

The Special cross-flow fan and low fan speed reduces the unit’s noise level thus creating a quiet and comfortable environment. MacLaren has one of the lowest noise levels in its category – you won’t even know that it is on!
Air Exchange

Fresh Air Exchange takes in air from the outside and cools it off allowing fresh purified air into your room. When sliding open the vent on the right side of the machine, air entering is purified by the filter inside the unit. Keep it on for a while in the morning for some fresh purified air to get everything cooled off really well. Also suitable for enviroments where air needs to be refreshed ie medical clinics, hospitals, kindergarten.
Remote Control & Frontal Display

The remote control and frontal display allow for easy set up and control of the unit. Mode, temperature, fan speed and other functions are all remotely controlled. The display at the centre of the front panel shows the current room temperature and set temperature. The remote control has a handy storage space built into the unit to ensure safe storage of the remote contol.
Heat Pump

With the use of the innovative MacLaren Heat Pump a saving of up to 80% of the power consumption is recorded when comparing to any traditional heater or console type air conditioner with standard heating elements. This combined with optional SES (Self Evaporation System) ensures that there is no need to use any drainage pipes and the system will evaporate any condensation in both heating and cooling modes.
Water Discharge System

In the MU-30 model in Cooling and Heating Mode the condensed water is discharged through the two main holes, with the option of making a third hole through the wall and fi tting the small drainage tube in the middle of the two big holes. The MU-40 model offers the option of using the SES “Self Evaporation System” and can be installed without drainage for Cooling and Heating Modes.
Innovative Green Internal Structure

The EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) is durable, light weight, and recyclable and is used inside all MacLaren Airconditioners’. Expanded Polypropylene has excellent energy absorption and high strength properties as well as offering very good absorption of noise, vibration, sound and insulation of humidity. Hydrophilic aluminium fins ensure that the unit will be rust-free in all weather conditions. High Efficiency indoor and outdoor fans are used, reducing the input consumption and increasing the Energy Efficiency Ratio and Coeffi cient Of Performance levels, positioning the machine in the A ++ class. The use of seamless inner grooved tubing increases
the efficiency of heat exchangers. With environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A and an 80% reduction in power consumption, MacLaren Unicon is one of the most
environmentally considerate air conditioning systems in its class. Special design of the cross flow fan guarantees lowest noise level possible.
Fuzzy Logig PCB & MOD Bus Controlls

Our control PCB using “Double Layer Technology” and only the best quality components are fitted to ensure high quality and long- term durability. The MU-40 fitted with a MOD BUS Communication allows the units to be connected in a Network and can be controlled from 1 remote location via a special connection box. The dedicated software allows the full control of up to 200 machines from a remote location. This feature is invaluable in smart homes, hotels and big organisations.