Maclaren, the innovative idea of No outdoor unit, opens new avenues in the HVAC industry. Italian designed with building aesthetics in mind, MacLaren can be simply installed by drilling two ventilation holes on any all, thickness and even glass. As easy as 1-2-3! The silent operating mode is just that, you won’t even know its on. MacLaren has one of the lowest noise levels in its category. Fresh Air System® guarantees clean air and ideal climate consistently. The units’ low energy consumption assists in low electricity bills, and is environmentally friendly. MacLaren has a solution for getting rid of moisture with a built-in heat pump requiring no drainage systems, therefor maintaining exterior building
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Dynamica was established in 1997. We first started off as an electronics company, importing branded products for local suppliers. In 2004 Dynamica started importing the Maclaren brand of air conditioners.Thus Maclaren Air Conditioning was formed.

After extensive testing and research and a good response from the Fridge Air expo we decided to bring something completely new into the air conditioning market. In 2007 we started marketing and selling the Maclaren.The new generation of console air conditioners. This is one of our staple products in our basket of new generation air conditioners. The Maclaren can now be found in most Hotels, Office Blocks and Homes around Southern Africa..


Dynamica strives to uphold:

  •     Our standards in suppling a high quality product installed by professionals and backed by an experienced sales staff.
  •     Quality of service and customer satisfaction with all our products.
  •     The belief that we provide the best competitive prices on the market.
  •     To maintain excellent service and customer relationships at all times.


Dynamica’s vision is to become one of the leading air conditioner suppliers in South Africa. Always searching for new, innovative and competitive products to satisfy our customers needs. We are the solution to your HVAC problems.